Public institution “Urbikom”

Name of public institution: „URBIKOM“, public institution for communal activities, Posušje

Address: Trg hrvatskih velikana 4

Identification number: 4272181560007, account number: 3382002200744314

Director: Pavo Lončar, dipl.iur.

Work hours: 07:00-15:00

Telephone: 039/681-203 e-mail:


Administrative affairs concerning fees for organization of constrction land and communal fees.

From the collected funds from the fees for arranging construction land- constrction land is arranged which includes rerouting and construction of access roads, bringing water-supply networks to the edge of the parcel, all in the urban part of the municipality.

The following activites are financed from the collected funds of the communal fee:

1. drainage of rain waters- maintanance

2. maintaining cleanliness in terms of cleanliness of public areas

3. maintanance of public areas

4. maintanace of unclassified roads

5. maintanace of public lighting

6. maintanance and arrangement of other public contents according to the income plan and work program of the communal economy which is adopted by the Municipal Council

The fee for arranging construction land

– in the urban part of the municipality from 5-15 km/m2 – useful area of a building

– non-urban part of the municipality from 1-5 km/m2 – useful area of the building

Calculation of the amount of communal fee

The formula for a monthly calculation of the communal fee for residential, business, garage space, nondeveloped construction land, construction land used for business purposes, and construction land near open-type buildings (warehouses, stockhouses, markets) is:

KN = B x K2 x Kn x Op,

Where: B is the value of the calculation (billing) unit-point, defined in KM/m2 (0,10 KM/m2); Kz- zone coefficient (from 0,40-1,00); Kn- purpose coefficient (from 0,03-10,00); Op- calculation area, expressed in m2 (from 0-500).

For areas bigger than 500m2, and for lines and base stations calculation of communal fees is carried out in a special manner described in articles 27. and 32. of the Decision on communal fees.

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