From the ceremonial session: The progress of Posusje is visible in all spheres

08. 08. 2019

Today, in Posusje, on the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption, a formal session of the Municipal Council was held at the Posusje Day. The program began at 10:00 with the laying of wreaths and candles, and a prayer before the Memorial to Posusje defenders, led by the Dean of the Posusje Deanery, Fr. Mladen Vuksic. President of the Municipal Council Ivan Loncar, Mayor Branko Bago, Representative of the Delegation of the Croatian National Assembly Barisa Colak, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina Ivan Sabolic, Representatives of Veterans’ Associations from the Homeland War in the Territory of our Municipality and Representatives of the Posusje Local Society in Zagreb , and representatives of political parties.

The program was followed by a formal session of the Municipal Council, attended by numerous high-level delegations from all levels of government in BiH, as well as from the Republic of Croatia, priests from Posusje parishes, businessmen, representatives of public institutions, mayors and mayors of neighboring municipalities.

The session was opened by Ivan Lončar, sending greetings in order and honor to all present, and talking about the work of the council in the past 12 months. He praised the functioning of the public administration, public companies and institutions that are under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Posusje, and expressed his hope that the property relations would be resolved soon regarding the Tribistovo reservoir area and the bus station, which he said was one of the priorities.

The speech of the President of the Municipal Council was followed by a video presentation of the activities of the Municipality of Posušje in the past year, which was eventually followed by the thunderous applause of those present.

The ceremony was followed by a speech by the Mayor of Posusje, Branko Bago. He said that Posusje has been in the past few years a kind of progress that has been achieved through the synergy of all relevant factors both at the local and higher levels, and by establishing good cooperation with friends from the Republic of Croatia.

 “All this has been achieved through a high level of positive social atmosphere in our municipality. We invest intensively and balancedly in the infrastructure throughout the municipality and thus raise the quality of life of all our residents. I emphasize the increased economic activity of our larger and smaller economic entities, as well as the increased interest in starting our own businesses and crafts, where the public administration has made a good contribution to it. We can also boast of enhanced cooperation with all 17 local communities, enthusiastic and constructive activities of most associations and clubs, which is reflected in good sports achievements, but also through the organization of various, extremely attended events. Through them, we have become particularly recognizable from afar, thus increasing both the tourist and the general image of Posusje as a small, nice place. “

Bago also emphasized respectful cooperation with all 7 Posusje parishes and effective cooperation with health institutions, social services, schools, police stations, utilities and other institutions in the municipality, as well as with the private sector. He especially emphasized the work of JP Vodovod, which is largely responsible for the increasingly beautiful appearance of Posusje. Talking about the municipal budget, Mayor Branko Bago said that the record budget of 9 million KM was set very ambitiously but is achievable. “He is developed, socially sensitive, stimulating, balanced, transparent and logical,” the chief concluded.

At the end of his address, he congratulated all the people on the Feast of the Patron Saint of Our Lady and Posusje Municipality Day.

The festive atmosphere was complemented by the Grga choir, the choir of the Elementary School of Music, as well as the students Luka Žulj and Josip Polić, who were brilliant this year with the second, excellent placement at this year’s FBiH Music Competition. Their tunes could be heard between the hosts and guests.

Marin Radisic, the mayor of Citluk municipality, said it was a great challenge to work in the local community with small resources. “But a lot is being realized here in Posusje, and I congratulate Mayor Bago because I know how much effort he is making to get funds through various projects,” Radisic said. He noted that it is especially encouraging that a new elementary school is being built in a situation where many are closing.

Several mayors and mayors from the Republic of Croatia today attended a formal session in Posusje. Ivan Šipić, Mayor of Trilj and Member of Parliament in the Croatian Parliament addressed them. He said that when he saw the film about achievements in the municipality of Posusje, he saw that people in Herzegovina were fighting for their people. He congratulated the municipal leadership on everything made in the past year.

Deputy House Speaker of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina Barisa Colak recalled Posusje from some past times. “Believe me, Posusje’s vision is unmatched today,” Colak said.

Finally, Ivan Sabolic, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to BiH, addressed the audience. He expressed his desire to realize all the planned projects that will contribute to the successful continuation of the development of the municipality of Posusje. “You will have the support of the Croatian Government in this, which will continue to assist part of your important projects,” said Sabolic.

In the last part of the formal session was followed by the public recognition of Posusje.

The golden plaque “Coat of Arms of the Municipality of Posusje” was awarded to Fr. Peter Krasic, Loncarplast and Radio Posusje on the occasion of 35 years of successful work. Public recognition of “Honorary Citizen of Posusje” awarded this year’s Milan Kovac.

Kovac thanked on behalf of all the winners of this year’s public awards. “I heartily thank you for this decision, which is something special for me, the most that can be obtained. This recognition goes to the rank of recognition for becoming an Honorary Member of the Honorable Bleiburg Platoon. Thanks for knowing this is my 66 year old grade. I will have to do my best to justify this recognition in the rest of my life, no matter what it is. On behalf of all the winners today, I also thank you, ”said Milan Kovac.

It should also be noted that they were present on the occasion of the death of Posusje’s prof. Dr. Vlado Jukić, also the holder of the public recognition of the municipality of Posušje, recalled, through in memoriam, his great trace that he left as an expert in the field of psychiatry as a medical science.

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