Considering that in recent times appeared more dogs that are uncontrolled moving center of Posusje, and thus disturb the public order and peace of citizens, in this way we would like to draw your attention and ask you all dog owners that they do not play with the cords out of space law provided for under Article 30th Decisions on how posture and keeping the animals ( “Official Gazette of Posusje” No. 3/10).

The holder shall ensure that pets do not disturb the house rules and the peace of the citizens in accordance with Article 24 of the Decision on the manner of holding and keeping of animals ( “Official Gazette of Posusje” No. 3/10).

If persons do not act in accordance with the aforementioned competent inspection will take all legal measures envisaged.

Mole are residents of Posusje to responsibly perform their duties.

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