Another breakthrough of the Posusje municipality: Opening ceremony of the technology park Posusje foundation

03. 04. 2019

The Posusje Technology Park Foundation officially opened today in the Osrdak Business Zone within the Logistics Center. It is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC metal and plastic machines, which will be used primarily in training for the highly competitive CNC operators profession.

The event was attended by representatives of the Posušje Municipality, representatives of the Public Institution ŽHH Development Agency, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computer and Electrical Engineering of the University of Mostar, REDAH, the Šibenik-Knin County Development Agency, as well as businessmen from the metal and plastics sector in ŽHH and directors of secondary schools from Posusje and Siroki Brijeg.

It is worth pointing out the presence of Jozo Bejic, the secretary of the Federal Ministry for Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, who has always been available to the municipality of Posusje when it comes to economic development, and Ivan Jelcic, the president of the ZZH Assembly, with whom this major project began, while acting as director of HERAG.

Addressing the ceremony today, Posusje Mayor Branko Bago expressed satisfaction with the opening of the Posusje Technology Park Foundation today, but noted that today’s event is only the beginning of a process followed by work and effort to finally be able to say that the project is a success.

He also commented on the importance of the foundation of this Foundation, primarily because of the training of our high school staff, because the acquired machines will provide them with the adequate training. He also emphasized the importance of the dual education process, which is a kind of global trend. It is reflected in the introduction of the practice and involves working with our companies and companies to ensure that students are ready to enter the labor market upon completion.

Radoslav Luburic, Director of the ZZH Development Agency, said it was very important to bring together representatives of entrepreneurs, the public sector, secondary and higher education institutions and R&D representatives in the Knowledge Network, which aims to jointly define activities that will lead to increased competitiveness companies in the metals and plastics sector.

He also emphasized: “The Posusje Technology Park Foundation is a precedent in the form of a legal entity established by public administration bodies, since it is the first and only organization of its kind in the FBiH so far.”

Mira Lepur, Director of the Šibenik-Knin County Development Agency, thanked for her hospitality and emphasized the excellent cooperation and expertise in managing all the project activities of HERAG and the Municipality of Posušje. She also said that such projects appear to be a step forward in changing the current situation. She announced the opening of the Technology Park in the Podi business zone in Šibenik soon.

Pero Lončar, addressed the assembled in front of Lončarplast company, which is involved in the educational part of the project, and in front of the business owners from Posusje. On this occasion, he said that the education system does not meet the needs of the labor market. The opinion is that we need to invest in new technologies, educate people, but also work to raise the personal incomes of young people. “I am sure that our business owners in Posusje are doing this, but it is not enough. In particular, higher levels of government, the County, the Federation of BiH and Bosnia and Herzegovina, need to contribute to the tax burden on the economy, “Loncar said.

In the end, the dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering, of Mostar University, Željko Stojkić, said that this project had already succeeded because the preconditions for raising the quality of products and educating people and the competitiveness of economic entities on the market were created. “By creating conditions such as these, we will retain the youth. However, there is one trend. New technologies are evolving too quickly, and our education system, and not only ours, but systems in Germany or Austria, for example, cannot respond quickly enough, and it is these places, technology parks, where these technologies, with co-operation with the economy, academic communities and policies can accelerate”, Stojkic emphasized.

The Posusje Technology Park Foundation is equipped with CNC machines through the Compete Plamet project. It is funded by the European Union through the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program of Croatia, BiH and Montenegro 2014-2020. The program is implemented by the Public Institution Development Agency of ŽZH, Posušje Municipality and the Development Agency of Šibenik-Knin County.

The goal of the implemented project activities is, among others, to support the technological development of the economy, both in Posusje and in the County of West Herzegovina in all its activities and branches, all with the aim of increasing the living standards of our residents.

In this direction it should be emphasized that the Municipality of Posusje and its partners are systematically working on the formation of training for competitive occupations in the labor market. Departments such as medical technicians, stone-cutters, cooks and waiters, air-conditioning and central heating technicians, as well as CNC operators were established at the Secondary Vocational School, with the aim of creating the preconditions for a self-sufficient population in Posusje, and for the growth and development of the local economy.

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CNC machines in The Technology Park Posusje Foundation

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