General Administration and Social Affairs Office

Executive: Ivanka Arapović Galić dipl. iur.
Telephone: 039/685-528

The domain of the service:
The administration service and social services performs the following taska:
• Independently conducts administrative proceedings and resolves trials related to administrative procedures on labor and employment rights,
• Manages and keeps book of births, marriages, deaths, citizens and issues statements/certificates from the same,
• Leads the process of conducting marriages
• Performs affirmation of signatures, handwriting and transcripts,
• Sends and receives submissions made by individuals or legal entities and delivers them to the certain services for resolution of the same,
• Performs activites concerning voter lists- registration, re-registration and deletion of voters,
• Informs the public in accordance with the Law on Freedom of Access to Information,
• Manages personnel policy for human resources management,
• Performs all personal affairs as well as work in the field of employment for all officials and employees of the administrative service,
• Performs administrative and other tasks in the field of civil status, keeping/conducting voter lists,
• Cooperates with local communities,
• Manages the archive for the administration service, the Municipal Mayor and Municipal Council,
• Manages tasks for the chauffer- for the needs of the Services and Municipal Council,
• Types and copies necessary material for the Services and Municipal Council,
• Delivers and hands necessary shipments to the Mayor, Municipal Council and administrative service,
• Manages maintanance tasks for the municipal building,
• Monitors and executes regualtions and analyzes the situation, and takes measures in the field of pe-school, elementary and high school education, culture and sport,
• Monitors the situation and takes measures in the field of health care of the population, which are regulated by the regulations of the municipality,
• Monitors and executes regulations and analyzes the situation, and takes measures in the field of social care and families,
• Independently performs tasks related to protection and use of cultural-historical and natural heritage,
• Performs tasks related to music, informative and literary activities,
• Performs activities relating to the development of sport and physical education,
• Prforms tasks related to creatin criteria and awarding student scholarships and student loans,
• Cooperates with cultural-artistic societies and associations,
• Coordinates the work of humaitarian organizations,
• Performs other tasks which are not in the jurisdiction of any other Service,
• Performs other tasks which are put into its jurisdiction by regulations.

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Municipality of Posušje

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