Center for social work

Name of public institution: JU CENTAR ZA SOCIJALNI RAD POSUŠJE

Address: fra Grge Martića 19, 88240 Posušje

Identification number: 4272146730005

Director: Mrs. Marinka Jukić

Work hours: 07.00-15.00h

Telephone number: 039/681-053


Mobile number: 063/434-400

The center for social work posušje is an institution with public authority established for doing tasks in order to satisfy the needs of citizens and their families who are in need of social care in the municipality.

The center for social work Posušje offers services of professional character and ensures protection of rights and interests of individuals/families who are not capable of taking care of themselves. In other terms, these categories can be put under one name, that is, into one category- the category of socially sensitive citizens: the poor, and other people who because of unfair personal or family difficulties are not able to satisfy their basic needs of life, underage children without parents or without proper parental care, children and adolescents with behavior problems, people who are deprived of legal capacity, domestic violence, handicapped persons.

Rights in the social protection system:

  1. financial and other type of material support

    1. constant financial support

    2. one-time financial support

    3. personal disability

    4. financial compensation for assistance and care of another person

    5. financial support for disabled persons until they become employed

    6. financial support for women-mothers who are employed

    7. financial support for women-mothers who are unemployed

    8. one-time financial support upon the birth of a newborn

  2. Training for life and work

  3. Placement in another/foster family

  4. Placement into a social welfare institution

  5. Social services and other professional work

Services provided by the Center for social work

  1. The first social service (informing, recognizing and evaluation of needs),

  2. Counselling and assisting,

  3. Solves applications for realization of rights within the domain of social care,

  4. Psycho-social support,

  5. Early intervention,

  6. Assistance with inclusion in the programs of education and regular education.

Family protection

Family protection includes all tasks related to:

  • family organization/arrangement (assistance with disfunctional families)

  • rights and duties of family members

  • organizing marriages (assistance with disfunctional marriages) and legal relations in marriages,

  • relations between parents and children,

  • adoption,

  • custody,

  • common-law marriages and their legal regulation.

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Municipality of Posušje

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